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The polyurethane sponges

The polyurethane sponges are often used in the industry for the final packing of the products. Moreover the application's study for emergency in motorcycle field in particulary relevant thanks to the antiknocks material properties. In this case we speak about opened cell polyurethane sponges, used inside the motorbikes tanks in order to avoid the fuel detonation in case of crash.

The hydrogen motors technology is another field in which the polyurethane sponges can and must be employed in order to withhold liquid hydrogen in the tanks and to prevent the dispersion in case of breakdowns.

The Cosmetic

Modella con pennello faccialeCRM produces foamed plastics and accessories for the modern cosmetic industry....



When we speak about polyurethane and foamed plastics, actually we refer to the synthetic polymers that find a huge field of applications ranging from the construction industry to the pharmaceutics.

The expanded polyurethane processing demands the use of very large and accurate machineries able to obtain 1 millimeter thickness slices, starting from big size raw blocks.

The polyurethane used, can be fitted to any field of application according to the need.

The polyurethane spongesDue to the particularity of its production, CRM covers with ways every industrial field, producing material both the housing industry and the pharmaceutical's one.

Here below a list of some amog the most demanded applications:

  • CONSTRUCTION INDUSTRY: profiles and tamponatures for prefabricated housebuilding
  • INDUSTRY: cut and stamping for the technical article realization
  • INFANCY: mattress for cradles and baby beds, no-choking pillows
  • ACOUSTICS: isolation systems
  • PHARMACEUTICS: tablets tampons, biopsies filters
  • COSMETIC: separators, puffes, sponges for make-up cleaning, applicators, brushes

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